Patient Testimonials

Thank you so much for helping me with my hearing aid. You helped me go from a silent world to one that I can hear everything. Thank you again.

Lucille G. of Henderson, NE

Thank you Dr. Andresen for all the help you have given me to live my life comfortable.

Pam C. of Central City, NE

Very professional, courtesy all day, and knowledgeable.

Doran R. of Wellfleet NE

I feel that Dr. Craig Foss is an excellent hearing Doctor.  I even drive 50 miles to have his services.

Joyce F. of Kearney NE (5 stars)

I liked the way he treats patients.

William E. of Nelson, NE (5 stars)

Everything went well.

Douglas S. of Hastings, NE (5 stars)

He was informative and very cooperative and friendly… I thought it was a good visit.

Arnold S. of Grant, NE (5 stars)

The Hall County Veterans Service Office has had the pleasure to work with Dr. Craig Foss at The Hearing Clinic. Because of our work together many veterans have benefited from Service Connected Compensation along with other VA Health Care related benefits. It has been my honor to work with both the veterans and Dr. Foss. To the veteran I thank you for your service to our great country. To Dr. Foss I thank you for your service to our veterans.

Donald L. Shuda
Hall/Howard/Nance/Sherman County
Veterans Service Officer

She was very nice and she was a pediatric specialist, we liked that.

Noah E. of Archer, NE (5 stars)

I really liked his attitude and knowledge.

David D. of Grand Island, NE (5 stars)

I love coming here! I love my hearing aids! They help me hear!

Emma L.

Forty five years ago I said “I Do” when asked. Fifteen years ago I said “What dear?” when asked. Now I can say “Yes dear.” When asked, thanks to my hearing aids.

Bob P.

I could hear the sweet sound of the Grandkids voices when we reached 12674’ Columbine Pass last summer thanks to my hearing aids.